BRIEF (part of Persgroep) is active in one of the most competitive and disruptive industries today: job search. is obliged to differentiate and rethink their approach due to international pressure from LinkedIn, Stepstone and many others,

Together we mapped a futureproof plan on how to maximize the lifetime value of each and every contact.

vacature progress graph


Loyalty and return visits. Many users were leaving the service after having found a job. The challenge is to continue being relevant by which they turn into loyal users (and stay in contact!)

Getting more job views and active profiles. The challenge is to boost job post visibility as a result of upping the qualified website traffic. Direct marketing helps in securing the bottomline traffic.

Segmentation. At first sight,'s main target is somebody actively looking for a job. However, there are multiple personas to target differently...

Being trustworthy. Applying the lifetime content plan to direct marketing and linking to other persgroep owned media: social media, partner sites etc…


vacature progress graph and R+S agency teamed up in providing personalised Email experiences to prospects in order to remain relevant throughout the full lifecycle. Meaning, we wanted automated lifecycle marketing to people looking-for-a-job ànd people in-between-jobs.

We will reach our different targets with different content to increase the newsletter’s open and engagement rates. According to the clicks of the prospect, we can define which kind of persona he is and send him the right content.

Defining the segments [click their heads on the left]


Using Selligent, we create consumer-first marketing. This marketing automation software is made for personalizing mass contact communication. We identify segments, taxonomy, scoring models… in the software and the outcome is personalized direct marketing.

R+S agency created a dynamic newsletter template in Selligent, conceptualised a scoring model based on the segmentation at, and implemented the taxonomy. Doing so, the right articles are now being sent to the right profiles. And we track the evolving needs of our contacts throughout their lifecycle.


R+S agency relies on 2 key steps for its strategy: segmentation & data capturing. The segmentation is the definition of different personas likely to be users of

Afterwards, the data capturing will classify contacts in different personas depending on their interests & characteristics. The data is explicitly collected through the golden question. And updated via the clicking behaviour.

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