How to make your blog posts jump out (part 2)

by Michel Demoor


In case you haven't read PART 1, click "Why your blog posts go unnoticed (part 1)"


2. Prioritize your distribution channels.


In multichannel communication era both consumers’ and businesses’ communication activity is defined by their presence on numerous digital and offline platforms.


Getting tempted to dive into dark digital ocean is definitely not a marketers approach. Find out which digital flows work best for you. Take a look at omnichannel marketing campaign on practice from consumer’s perspective.


Whether you should test how the innovative Periscope could pump up your traffic or focus all forces on well-mastered Email marketing campaigns. After having segmented your audience, the door is half-open in getting to know which channels are in their preference. 


Demographics of Social Media Users in Q4 2015 serves as a solid reference point to start content distribution campaign from scratch or improve your current strategy:




3. Analyze and refine


Focus on a historical performance data is your milestone of success.


“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.”― Edmund Burke


Marketer tools to tailor a solid strategy are empirical facts. Store up all the information measuring your past publishing experiences, which could be likes, views, referrals or spam indicators. Otherwise you never know whether to turn off the trail or continue your steady direction. 


Figures do speak for themselves, however they never stand still. You want it or not, keeping track of current trends should be part of your life. Even though your marketing strategy is on the edge of digital world, never lower your guard and be prepared to adjust what you have to a constantly changing world.



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