What is an Inbound Marketing culture

by Florian Henrion

12 years?! Inbound Marketing has been around the ever-evolving marketing world for almost 12 years. Originally invented and made popular by Hubspot, Inbound marketing has become a reference in the field.

But in the end, apart from trying to bring people’s attention to us, what is it?

Inbound Marketing, as any project, grows, evolves and matures.

Previously, it was (in a way) a substitute for traditional marketing, when hammering endless commercial messages into the customer’s head was enough to make them buy.

But trends evolve and people follow. Nowadays, the consumer wants us to pay more attention at how we approach him. Something like a first date...

Instead of pulling him, let him come to us.

The goal of the Inbound methodology is to generate quality content in order to bring new customers to your website and eventually engage with them via landing pages and CTAs (call-to-action), as well as via emails and personalized web pages.

The interest is as you will have understood, not to rush the buyer, but rather to address it with a relevant and inspiring speech.A more human-oriented method, but always with a sales goal!

This is what Inbound Marketing evolution actually translates through. Whilst a few years ago we asked companies to "think customer", now we tell them to "think employees". It is true that the employee, neglected for a long time, sees himself as the cornerstone of this methodology well-functioning.

Developing a corporate culture

An employee which is happy at his workplace is also an employee who is more likely to achieve his goals. There is no longer need to show its benefits: the increase in productivity, creativity, reduced stress etc.

Constant progress

To conclude, Inbound Marketing still aims at adding its stone to the edifice, hence pairing the internal and external elements in order to better meet the customer’s expectations.

You're the boss

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