Snap Map: Opportunities for Events, Retailers & Local Businesses

by Michel Demoor

What is Snap Map?

Snapchat, with over 1 million daily active users in Belgium, recently rolled out with a new feature of their ever-popular app: Snap Map. Next to the already-known Snapchat Stories (where users can share several snaps with all their connections at once, instead of a one-to-one Snapchat conversation), Snap Map will now plot people’s location on a map so that others can see what photos and videos people are sharing from a specific location.

People can pull up the Snap Map by pinching on the app’s main screen. The Snap Map places heat maps around places where a lot of people are posting Stories from, as well as around location-based events (concerts, festivals, sporting events, …).

A key feature that Snapchat introduces here, is an extra chance to meet up: You can share your location with all your Snapchat connections, only some connections or – if you’re not comfortable with this feature – go into Ghost Mode so that your location won’t be shared with anyone.







Can I advertise using Snap Map and boost my business or event?


Sadly, you cannot. Or you cannot directly via Snapchat, at least. Snapchat will not be running ads alongside Stories access through Snap Map.

The feature is meant for people to see what is happening, to find your friends, get inspired and go on an adventure. This opens a lot of doors for other opportunities next to plain advertising.

Maybe, in the (near) future, this option becomes readily available


How can I use Snap Map to promote my business or event?

As direct advertisements are not an option, what can you do as a local store owner, retailer or event holder to use Snap Map’s functionalities to their fullest potential?

As Snap Map currently focusses on people’s willingness to share stories for your location to become a ‘hot place’, you’ll need to create incentives or reasons for people to share a story there. With this info, you can get creative in your marketing to target these people. The main asset with Snapchat advertising remains awareness.

You could directly ‘promote’ a sale going on, so that people who are looking at what’s happening in their city will notice the sale near them and perhaps come to visit.


For example, if you’re having a celebrity coming over for a meet & greet, ask for or convince people to share a story to have a chance of winning a coupon, a private meet, greet & dinner with the celebrity, …

Due to people sharing their stories (for a chance to win this price) they’ll share the location with their connections on Snapchat. Your location will become a ‘hot’ location. More people, who might have missed original advertisements for this event, will have another chance if they notice your store being an important place-to-be. It’s also where their friends are located. This will boost more people coming to your store for the meet & greet, brand awareness and perhaps even purchases.


What should I pay attention to when using Snapchat in my communication mix?

A few things to take notice of when using Snap Map’s features (or Snapchat in general as leverage tool):

  • 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old. Even more in detail: 70% of Snapchat users are aged between 18-24. If your main target audience is people in a higher age category, this might not be the best to invest in.
  • Roughly 70% of Snapchat users are female. Know that you’ll have more success if your incentive is more female-centered as well.
  • Snapchat has


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