Europe’s no 1 Cross-Channel Campaign Management Software (B2C orientation)

by Hugo Leger

Selligent: Create meaningful dialogue with your clients on one interface

Gone are the days where you can connect with clients through traditional, interruptive marketing. As you are aware (or should be) companies now have to engage with customers in a meaningful and personalized way in order to get the conversions that they require. The most effective and least time consuming way to do this is with cross-channel campaign management software.



What is cross-channel campaign management software?

Also known as omni-channel or multi-channel campaign management, CCCM software allows for highly personalized, relevant communication to take place using one interface. Selligent is one of the thought leaders in omni-channel marketing software.

What do they offer

Selligent offers one platform or interface that easily allows companies to design and optimize consumer communication across a variety of channel such as email, mobile, social, website and more.

What can they do for you?

Selligent offers the following products:

  • Universal customer profile: A “super profile” for your contacts for easy analysis and targeting.
  • Contextual personalization: Personalized and relevant messages sent out to consumers.
  • Behavioral retargeting: Tracking tags that follow online consumer behavior that will help you retarget and win back lapsed customers.
  • Campaign management: Integrated campaigns and one platform for marketing.
  • Open architecture: Allows you to use the interface to modify their open API architecture and robust ETL to ensure problem-free integration.

Selligent offers one of the most comprehensive and effective integrated omni-channel marketing and marketing automation platforms that empowers brands to convert consumers with insight-led and personalized engagement.

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