3 tips to TOP-rank your website in Organic Search

by Leo Dubrau

Your blog is a massive tool for a costless boost of website rankings in the search engine results page.

Search engines give main priority to valuable publications fully answering the requested entry. There are no other tips and tricks to boost your website ranking other than providing unique solutions to meet searchers demands.

However, this fact does not mean you should give up on strengthening positions of your webpage in organic search.

Operate smart with SEO

Make your blog posts become Search Engine Optimized content on a regular basis. Besides main objective of brining unique value, set-up a transitional goal of attracting search engine traffic.

To increase your searchability, perform a keyword research of particular topic. This will help you to accurately target your audience, by concretizing your addressing of their problem. Moreover, you can figure out whether there is already an existing search volume under defined keywords. So it lets you to cut down the number of keywords with dead traffic.

Logically construct your webpages by building up sections. Clear logical structure of your website helps users to easily find what they are looking for without overloading them with unrelated information. Consequently, you get an accurately targeted traffic and additional scores for organic search ranking.




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Measure user behavior as a Ranking Factor

Search engines opt on traffic behavior patterns. Users actions within and beyond your website affect your rankings. Key metrics are as follows:


  • On page Click-through rate
  • Time spent on site
  • Time spent on page
  • Unique visits

We complement this primary list with 2 essential externally oriented metrics:

Dwell time. Time frame spent on a page between clicking on its link in searched results list and coming back to the search engine results page (SERP). A longer dwell time clearly tells your content is valuable for searcher.

You can access a free online Keyword Rank Checker for your business at SERPs.

Pogo-sticking. If user instantly hovers back from your page to SERP, that means the resource didn’t meet their expectations. As search engines try to fully answer users questions from first searched result, high pogo-sticking ratio may drag your page ranking down.

Practical example on “How user behavior determines your page ranking”:

SEO marketer and co-founder of one of the fastest growing marketing software, Rand Fishkin, clearly depicts how behavioral changes may crush or drive your website ranking.
Rand ran an SEO experiment by asking users on his Twitter account to search for “best grilled steak” in Google search engine. The task was to click-through first link and hover back to SERP (Pogo-sticking) and right then click on a 4th ranking result and stay on the page for a while (Extended dwell time).

Tremendous changes in rankings were visible in 70 minutes with less than 1000 interactions. 4th ranking result moved to 1st position in SERP.

Source: Rand Fischkin on Twitter

Accelerate organic search of your website with references

Constantly increase your link building base. Each page of your website has its individual weight and contributes to overall page ranking. Pages with strong references are subject to faster scoring gain.

Follow two main referencing strategies to improve your webpage positions:


  • Internal links connect your latest content with previous blogposts to revive traffic generation towards your older publications. Make sure you refer to a fully relevant content which compliment what the user was searching for. Create organic links across the whole hub of your content to evenly drive traffic to your website
  • External links on your webpage attribute to independent sources on the web. You sustain website validity by referring to global influencers and benchmark setters. Moreover, your website gains colossal value, if other websites refer to your website as a source.

Use search engine optimization tips to shape your website visibility strategy. Don’t forget to align your publications with constantly changing algorithms in organic search. If your content is exactly what users are searching for, then it definitely will be found. 



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