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CRM + Marketing Automation


CRM + Marketing Automation

Get personal and realtime with your leads. Show they matter. This is how you increase marketing impact and decrease costs. Start automating your marketing today and win back time for you to focus on your customers.

Web Building

Web Building

We make first class action websites. We persuade the visitor fast and trigger them to take the next step in the decision journey. See how your business skyrockets when you stop losing leads.

Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing

Your prospects are on Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Every day. Start attracting your target audience and build qualified traffic to your website and landing pages. And learn how to start a relationship when you capture essential data from anonymous visitors...


Marketing Services

Dashboarding & Optimization

Management is about doing things right. Leadership is about doing the right things. Reporting and reflection will make us move in the best direction much faster.

Digital Sales + Marketing

To us, job titles don’t matter. Everyone is in sales. It’s the only way we stay in business. Marketing is judged by profitability, Sales by numbers. Digital business requires the balance. We need to perform on both.

Prospect & Client Profiling

With every click or interaction we learn to know our client. Efficient communication is about the message, the timing, and the specific action we want them to take.

Database-Driven Marketing

Your website is not at the core of your digital strategy. Your consumer and its data are.

Lead Generation

Finding, engaging and nurturing leads towards the POS & dealerships.

Omnichannel Communication

We help you to connect all the digital channels to a central database and plan for a valuable consumer life cycle program.


" Rise and Shine understands the essential combination of data and beautiful marketing. They provide a fresh view and create simple insights on how to move forward fast. Plus, they have the right technical skills and experience to make it happen. "

Ruben Van Goethem, Marketing Manager at Vacature


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" The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up the field and never score. "

Bill Copeland